• RHM travelled to Lights Out 11 with the slogan “TTTF”

  • Off the trailer RHM started off with a qualifying run of 3.71

  • Thank you to to the RHM team for the hard work at LO11!

RHM travelled to Lights Out 11 with the slogan “TTTF” (Turbos To The Front) and a mission to get this Mustang back to one of the fastest radial cars in the world. It all started off with a great couple of days testing in Orlando that accomplished several firsts for the car and the team was confident that they were ready to make the trek to SGMP to compete.

Off the trailer the team started off with a qualifying run of 3.71. They were ready to send it in the second round of qualifying on Thursday but the ride height sensor failed and the Mustang tried to go airborne. Driver (Ronnie Hobbs) did a great job of controlling the car and not causing damage to the chassis. After rain set in, it would be late Friday before the team would make its third and last qualifying pass. At almost midnight, the RHM Mustang would blister the track with a 3.66 at 202 mph on a very cold track with a mild tune that, for all purposes, surprised everyone. This put the team's 2017 Larry Jeffers Mustang as the 5th fastest car and the fastest turbo car at the event!

On Saturday, Pro Line Racing tuner Jamie Miller put a tune in the car that was adequate to win and not over power the track. He hit it perfect and the team would advance to round two. In round two they would run Black Betty (Paulo Giust). The cards were stacked in RHM’s favor and with almost identical reaction times, the race was on. Ronnie saw the blower car beside him at about the 200’ but was confident the turbos were about to show their stuff off. All of a sudden the burst panel blew on the Mustang and once again, luck would run out on this team.

A big thanks to Jamie Miller and Tim Davis and all of ProLine Racing, who have busted it to put this car in the winner’s circle. Grant O'Rourke for his work ethic and all he does to make it possible to have this car ready to compete!

Thanks to all who help make this journey possible.... Mara Moore BarhamLandon HobbsGrant O'Rourke, Lone Star Instrumentation & Electric Corporation, all of the photographers and a million more.

The weight at these races is obviously stacked in favor of blower cars, but this team is determined to take TTTF again, and we will regroup and be ready for Sweet 16 and a big thanks to Sir Donald Long for finally hanging weight on Blowers and reducing the weight of turbos to allow us the opportunity to compete.



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